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LOCATION:  Auckland. Miles Construction. Lifestyle Architectural Services. CHALLENGES:  Multiple apartment units with fire wall and floor requirements, but timber frame construction. SOLUTION:  We developed wall framing connections to ensure that the fire walls remained intact during and post fire to prevent a potential fire from spreading. PARTNERS:   Miles Construction.

Pine Harbour

LOCATION:  Auckland. Mike Greer Homes project. CHALLENGES:  Stability of the fire wall. With blockwork intertenancy walls, our engineers needed to avoid a large foundation due to poor ground bearing conditions. SOLUTION:  Our engineers provided strong fixings between the floors and wall, as well as between roof and wall to ensure the wall was restrained in […]

Edgeware Road

LOCATION:  Christchurch. Don Donnithorne Architects. CHALLENGES:  TC3 zoned land and fire separation requirements. SOLUTION:  Piled foundation solution with two-storey block inter-unit walls and steel structure. PARTNERS:   Don Donnithorne Architects.

Linden Grove

LOCATION:  Christchurch. Mike Greer Homes. CHALLENGES:  TC2-zoned land and fire separation requirements. SOLUTION:  Waffle slab foundation solution with block inter-unit walls and steel structure. PARTNERS:   Mike Greer Homes.


LOCATION:  Auckland. Matz Architects. CHALLENGES:  Soft ground conditions for multi-units and dealing with existing pipes. SOLUTION:  Design piled foundations to combat ground conditions and working closely with local council to make sure existing ground services are not affected by the work. PARTNERS:   Matz Architects.


LOCATION:  Kaiapoi. Devon Construction. Krush Architecture. CHALLENGES:  Two-story multi-units on TC2, earthquake-affected ground. SOLUTION:  TC2 fibre-reinforced concrete waffle slabs with steel portal frames and good structural detailing to ensure simple construction. PARTNERS:   Krush Architecture.

Link Crescent

LOCATION:  Auckland. Mike Greer Homes project. CHALLENGES:  Multiple existing service pipes in the ground to negotiate and slope stabilisation requirements. SOLUTION:  Careful planning of positioning the piles around existing pipes and design special barrier piles to stabilise the building against slope creep. PARTNERS:   Mike Greehttps://www.mikegreerhomes.co.nz/r Homes.

Mt Roskill

LOCATION:  Auckland. Housing New Zealand project with Miles Construction. CHALLENGES:  Design and detail 50+ houses in a short period of time. SOLUTION:  Design and detail 50+ houses in a short period of time. PARTNERS:   Miles Construction.

Unknown Chapter Cafe

LOCATION:  Christchurch. Andrew Evans Architect. CHALLENGES:  Changing market demands triggered changing needs for the client. SOLUTION:  Constructure staff demonstrated their singleminded client focus and flexibility working closely with the client and architect on solutions to control construction costs. PARTNERS:   Andrew Evans Architect.

Pump Station 11

LOCATION:  Christchurch. Cory Bedford structural design  on behalf of CCC. CHALLENGES:  Heavy engineering requirements to achieve functionalities for this heavy-duty building that handles some of the most demanding materials. SOLUTION:  Extra thick, specially-treated concrete floors and walls to handle the chemical complexities of what flows through our sewers.