Entries by Coen Lammers

South Christchurch Library & Service Centre

LOCATION:  Christchurch. Warren & Mahoney Architects. Cory Bedford structural design  on behalf of CCC. CHALLENGES:  Innovative design with several individual steel-framed elements combining to create one building with high level glazing and ventilation. SOLUTION:  Extremely detailed and intricate steel structural design work to protect the integrity of this wonderful architecture.  

DB Headquarters Office Building

LOCATION:  Christchurch. Designed by Cory Bedford on behalf of OTS. CHALLENGES:  Structural steel framed building with architectural features including exposed concrete elements SOLUTION:  Cory Bedford’s experience came through on this project where he delivered quick solutions for every design demand  

Rolleston Square

LOCATION:  Rolleston. Weir Walker Architecture. Structural design by Cory Bedford on behalf of Structex. CHALLENGES:  Multiple component structure required a pragmatic, cost-effective solution for the developer. SOLUTION:  Structural engineering expertise came through in this project to achieve efficient standardisation of elements to create an economical outcome for the client PARTNERS:   Weir Walker Architecture.

Upper Riccarton Community & School Library

LOCATION:  Christchurch. Warren and Mahoney Architects. Structural design by Cory Bedford on behalf of Christchurch City Council. CHALLENGES:  Multiple needs from multiple clients and organisations using this building which includes a council service centre, a library and classrooms for Riccarton High School. SOLUTION:  Very detailed structural steel design to protect the architect’s vision and close […]

EBOS Office Building

LOCATION:  Christchurch. Athfield Architects. Designed by Cory Bedford on behalf of OTS CHALLENGES:  Polished concrete feature stairs. SOLUTION:  Hidden steel structure to create the strength that protects the polished concrete aesthetic of the stairs.

New Lynn TOD Station

LOCATION:  Auckland. Designed by James Knight on behalf of Beca. CHALLENGES:  Designing a large canopy structure to be constructed adjacent to a temporarily relocated railway line, while the new trench was constructed. SOLUTION:  Detail the steel frame to be prefabricated as much as possible, so it could be erected quickly during scheduled rail closures. PARTNERS:   […]

Fonterra Head Office

LOCATION:  Auckland. Refit of interior stairway. CHALLENGES:  Detailing a new stair handrail to an existing stair structure with extensive existing timber joinery installed. SOLUTION:  Multiple site visits during construction to alter connection details as existing as-built details were discovered.

Quad 7

LOCATION:  Auckland. Designed by James Knight on behalf of Harrison Grierson. CHALLENGES:  Design bespoke exposed steel connections to the large V-columns. SOLUTION:  Worked closely with architect and undertook 3D modelling/rendering to solve the complex 3D interface of the connections. PARTNERS:   Harrison Grierson.

TVNZ Television Centre

LOCATION:  Auckland. Warren and Mahoney Architects. Designed by James Knight on behalf of Harrison Grierson. CHALLENGES:  Building around operational satellite systems, critical to national broadcasting service. SOLUTION:  Close liaison with the client to remain within very strict working parameters. PARTNERS:   Warren and Mahoney Architects.

Mason Steele House

LOCATION:  Wanaka. Thom Craig Architects. CHALLENGES:  Large curved roof cantilever created unusual engineering challenges because of the limited number of weight-bearing points to support the roof. SOLUTION:  Creating an intricate steel structure to support the curved roof while protecting the aesthetic of the architectural design. PARTNERS:   Thom Craig Architects.