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Smith House

LOCATION:  Christchurch. Matz Architects. CHALLENGES:  Earthquake prone TC2/TC3 land piled foundations with large, heavy two-storey structure. SOLUTION:  Combined steel and concrete panel structure to provide required strength while maintaining the vision of the architect. PARTNERS:   Matz Architects.

Shotover River House

LOCATION:  Shotover River, Queenstown Thom Craig Architects. CHALLENGES:  High-end intricate architectural features demanded detailed structural design. SOLUTION:  Close working relationship with the architect resulted in structural solutions that maintained the integrity of the architectural design. PARTNERS:   Thom Craig Architects.

Remuera House

LOCATION:  Auckland Studio 2 Architects (Paul Clarke). CHALLENGES:  Renovating an existing house to provide a garage basement and a feature first floor master bedroom cantilever. SOLUTION:  Structural steel frame to replace the existing timber sub-floor structure to span the new garage space. Steel frame hidden within the first floor and roof depth to form the […]

Tawharanui House

LOCATION:  Tawharanui. RTA Architects. CHALLENGES:  Poor ground conditions for the lower building and a high flood level. SOLUTION:  Driven piles to support the foundations, including the car port slab. PARTNERS:   RTA Architects.

Great Barrier Island House

LOCATION Great Barrier Island. Studio 2 Architects (Paul Clarke). CHALLENGES Constructing on varying ground conditions where firm ground gives way to sand-blown dunes and sourcing large volumes of top-quality concrete to a remote location. SOLUTION Careful consideration of where to use piles to ensure an economic build and advising the client when purchasing a mobile […]

Constructure customers put cherry on top of 10th anniversary cake

The Canterbury Down Syndrome Association initiatives have been boosted by a $12,420 gift from Constructure and its generous customers to celebrate the structural engineering firm’s 10th anniversary. The company celebrated its 10th anniversary in April by launching a Give-a-Little page with a $10,000 gift and invited its customers to join the good cause. Constructure founder […]

Constructure reputation grows across Auckland market

Good service and delivering on time is proving to be a winning formula for structural engineering firm Constructure as their footprint extends across the country. The company was launched in 2008 by Christchurch engineer Cory Bedford, and less than a decade later, his team has designed over 8000 residential and commercial buildings across New Zealand. […]