Cladding Inspiration from Singapore

This photo was taken by Cory Bedford during a stopover in Singapore. While his family was resting in the hotel, Cory took the opportunity to get some inspiration and check out the local architecture. He loved the cladding work on this building and the sheer size of this, which youd be unlikely to find in New Zealand.

Frank Gehry – Sydney

The Frank Gehry design of the UTS building in Sydney inspires and intrigues the engineers at Constructure. You have to wonder how he can make this design work. Cory Bedford says that the work is simply brilliant and that he would have loved to do the structural engineering for this architect.


Constructure Signage Tom Kundig Inspired

This image is the signage on our original office on Lichfield Street, which we renovated and strengthened after the earthquakes. The design of this former Global Culture shop was inspired by famous American architect Tom Kundig, who likes to keep the cladding and steel exposed. We really love this award winning building and even though we have outgrown it, we are too attached to it to sell it.

Weekend Cabin in Washington Park

This weekend cabin in a Washington national park, by architect Tom Kundig features a protective steel exterior that slides across its windows and a floor raised up on stilts to prevent flooding. The clients asked for a virtually indestructible holiday home that would be protected from flooding and the harsh winter.

Amazing Tom Kundig Design

This is another magnificent Tom Kundig design. The exposed steel cantilever is enormous and you have to wonder how he can make this work. Judging by the photo it is pretty high up in the mountains and exposed to a lot of wind, so we are intrigued how the engineer stops the roof from blowing away….