Constructure joins Diversity Agenda

Constructure has put its weight behind the growing movement to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces in the engineering and architecture sectors.

The Diversity Agenda is an initiative by Engineering New Zealand, the New Zealand Institute for Architects and the Association for Consulting Engineers.

The Agenda was initially focused on improving the dire statistics of women participating in these sectors, when it started in 2017, but that has now broadened to include all facets of our diverse society.

Constructure director Cory Bedford says that his company has always encouraged diversity and inclusion within the company, but says that signing up formally to the Diversity Agenda sends a signal to their own staff and the industry that Constructure wants to be a leader in this area and inspire other companies to sign up as well.

”This also means that we want to be held to account, by our own staff, as well as others, if we do not live by these principles around inclusion and diversity,” says Cory.

The Diversity Agenda has set itself a target of getting 20% women working in engineering and architecture by 2021, but Constructure’s staff already include more than 30% women, as well as a variety of cultural backgrounds from eight different countries.

“We want to be known as a place where women want to work, or anyone from any background, and where they feel welcome and where you are only judged on the quality of your work,” says Cory.

“Unfortunately, many companies I have seen over my career traditionally have been very “blokey”, and often do not even realise how their behaviours may discourage women, ethnic groups or certain minorities from working for them.”

Constructure is one of over 100 firms in the engineering and architecture industry who have signed up to the Diversity Agenda to show they are serious about diversity and inclusion, and to benefit from access to its resources, events, tools and tips.

Last year the Diversity Agenda was awarded the “Best Diversity and Inclusion Initiative” at the FIDIC International Federation of Consulting Engineers Excellence Awards in Mexico City and are also a finalist in the New Zealand Diversity Awards.

“It is fantastic to see that this organisation is now recognised here, and internationally, a wonderful initiative that deserves all our support,” says Cory.